D&S Concrete was started back in 1997 and they have never looked back! Serving clients in the Edmonton/ Alberta region, they have grown substantially in the 10+ years in operation.

D&S Concrete specializes in the decorative concrete market. They fill a niche created in a booming industry by offering enhancements to flooring, walls, and various types of areas in both residential and industrial applications. The quality of the work is first rate and service is outstanding.

D&S Concrete is committed to constant growth.  Spending early years working under other companies, learning the craft then eventually striking out on their own, to staying on track with what's new and exciting in the trade, D&S has always been putting it's customer's needs first by putting solid background and experience behind it's work. They regularly attend courses in both the US and Canada staying current with trends in the industry.

We hope you have a chance to browse the website and see what D&S Concrete is all about! We are always excited to hear from our customers, whether you are making a first-time inquiry, or have been with us for years.

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